002 – Programming Languages Used For Developing Android Apps


programming languages for android developmentsThe recommended and convenient way of developing Android apps is using Java programming language. Although Java is a general purpose tool, it is used in conjunction with Android Software Development Kit (SDK) in Android Studio environment to develop apps. Another official way is using C++ with the Native Development Kit (NDK).

This option is used for developing apps with low-level instructions such as timing sensitive drivers. With C++ and NDK, we can directly run the app on the Android kernel hence increasing efficiency in exchange for code length and development cost.

There also exist third-party tools like Xamarin, Cordova and React Native for developing apps. These platforms provide convenience, however, a native-like performance isn’t normally expected from the apps developed by third-party tools.

We will use the standard and official way of developing Android apps: Java with Android SDK and we will use Android Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for this job. You don‟t need to know Java to start because the basics of Java are also explained.
I‟ll ma' introducir kaambalo'ob complicados tak in seguro le ba'ax ka na'atiko' le conceptos k'a'abeto'ob ts'o'ok u ch'a'abil jach K'astal u ka' jo'op' u kaan jump'éel túumben lenguaje programación. Comías ma' yaantal ti' le situación yéetel le post.

I‟ll intenta ka'ansik túumben conceptos bix ken asab simple páajtal. Much tu'ubsik u kanik jump'éel lenguaje programación le jump'éel tuukula' ma' parar, Ma'atech ts'o'oks yéetel le áanalte'a' ti' ku káajsik uchik.
Bejla'e', Leti'e', k'ajolo'on ku yéetel le método le áanalte'a'. Let‟s continue with the installation of the Android Studio in the next chapter after having a coffee break.